What is Tropical Carbon?

A group of innovative and visionary tropical forestry and industry experts

Tropical Carbon’s Hyper Carbon-Dense Forests are the new global standard in carbon sequestration and storage. Our unique, patented technology provides businesses and organisations with realistic options to offset and negate their entire carbon emissions footprint and take a leading role in the transition to a low carbon global economy.

Tropical Carbon offers feasible, practical and innovative solutions to mitigating global climate change. Through augmented ecology, we create a nexus between industrial scale emissions offsets, keystone biodiversity benefits and significant economic returns for landholders.


By growing trees of an unprecedented scale, at an unprecedented rate, our productivity in sequestering carbon is up to 300 times greater than a ‘normal’ forest). This can be done in just 10 years, as opposed to 250 years (the time to grow a ‘normal’ forest). The ability to grow a solid cubic forest, exceeding 50 meters in height, within a short span of just 10 years gives us the advantage to fight the pace of environmental degradation that is rampant today.

Tropical Carbon augments the ecophysiology of particular trees, causing them to merge, fuse and become one single, Hyper Dense super organism. A forest of these super organisms will merge into a solid forest, with no space between individual trees, resulting in one single, hyper-massive ‘block’ of living woody biomass. As trees consist of ~50% carbon, these solid forests will be Hyper Carbon-Dense, sequestering around 80,000 tonnes of Carbon per Hectare, after just 10 years. Tropical Carbon’s vision is to sequester one year’s annual global emissions (32 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide) through the creation of hyper-dense forests of the worlds’ most massive organisms.

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Who We Are

Tropical Carbon is a group of innovative and visionary tropical forestry and industry experts. With extensive experience throughout Australia and the wider Asian Pacific, we operate as a team of family and friends.

Damian Settle

Founder & Chief Executive

Chris Settle

Financial Advisor

Dr. Peter Wood

Theoretical Assessments