The Solution

The creation of a thousand forests lies in one syconia

Tropical Carbon’s Hyper Carbon-Dense Forests are the new global standard in carbon sequestration and storage. Our unique, patented technology provides businesses and organisations with realistic options to offset and negate their entire carbon emissions footprint and take a leading role in the transition to a low carbon global economy.


At Tropical Carbon, we augment the natural growth properties of trees to sequester and store carbon on unparalleled rates. When compared to ALL currently competing technologies, Tropical Carbon demonstrates a number of unique attributes.


Sequestering up to 80,000 tonnes of carbon per hectare, Tropical Carbon is ~300 times more productive than any other carbon sequestration service.


Tropical Carbon’s Hyper Carbon-Dense Forests can be scaled to any land parcel size.


Tropical Carbon’s Hyper Carbon-Dense Forests can be tailored to any situation or layout. Hyper Carbon-Dense forests can form solid ‘block’ of living woody biomass extending over dozens of hectares; a ‘wall’ around a mine or a quarry, mitigating not only CO2, but also noise and dust requirements. The unique growth properties of Tropical Carbon’s Hyper-Carbon Dense Forests enable otherwise empty vertical spaces to be utilised for carbon sequestration and biodiversity outcomes. Unused vertical space above rivers, roads, railways or other such features can be utilised for carbon sequestration while not competing with buildings or infrastructure for space or real-estate.


Tropical Carbon will sequester ~300 times more carbon in less than 10% of the time, when compared to growing a ‘normal’ forest (10 years vs. 250 years respectively).


Tropical Carbon’s Hyper-Carbon Dense Forests' unique ecophysiology means that they can be readily cleaved, transported, relocated and reconstructed in other locations. Transplanted units will continue to grow and expand, continuing to sequester more carbon. No other technology can offer this flexibility..


Tropical Carbon’s Hyper-Carbon Dense Forests require minimal technology. Requirements for teams of professional or technical expertise is minimal. With the supervision of select group of professional staff, local talent can be recruited and trained to construct and implement Hyper-Carbon Dense Forests.

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